It’s a slow sports day so we’re gonna roll out Johnny Gaudreau Watch 2022.

An update from Frank Seravalli:

Jeez. Well he did finish tied for 2nd in the NHL with 115 points this past season, but that’s top-12 money. If Calgary is offering “north” of $10 million a year then you’re in that Auston Matthews/Roman Josi ballpark. Like a 10.5 mill type of figure if we’re guessing here.

Back in 2016-17, the South Jersey native signed a 6 year, $40.5 million deal with “Cal-gary” <Barry Melrose pronunciation> that averaged out to $6.75 million per year. If the Flames are willing to give him this amount, that’s something like a four million dollar per year raise. J.T. Realmuto would call it “a little bit of money.”

If the Flyers can move JVR’s $7 million, and add that total to Oskar Lindblom’s ~$3 million, they can fit in Gaudreau at 10 million per. Not sure it’s the best move of all time, not because Gaudreau isn’t worth it, but because the Flyers have so many question marks, a new coach, an out-of-favor GM, guys coming back from injury, etc. You’d have to attach a pick to get off the van Riemsdyk contract, so we’ll see if that’s what it comes down to.

update 1: