This is not a political post.*

With that disclaimer out of the way, Mayor Kenney is getting absolutely obliterated for saying this after the Fourth of July shooting that left a couple of police officers injured:

First off, appreciate the mayor’s soccer fandom, but why is he wearing a Real Madrid jersey on Independence Day? Throw on a USMNT shirt or something. Read the room. Get a clue!

Second, this guy is mentally checked out and has been for a long time now. He’s more checked out than the Eagles during Andy Reid’s final year. Kenney is basically admitting that he doesn’t wanna do the job anymore, and if you don’t that’s fine, but then just quit man. Send in your resignation. You get paid more than $200,000 and you’re supposed to be a leader who holds it together, offers words of encouragement, and inspires the people who live in this city. Instead you come out with this:

“I don’t enjoy Fourth of July. I don’t enjoy the Democratic national convention. I didn’t enjoy the NFL draft. I’m waiting for something bad to happen all the time. I’ll be happy when I’m not here, when I’m not mayor and I can enjoy some stuff.” 

Well golly gee. Being a mayor of a major city is hard! Navigating a pandemic is hard! Curbing gun violence is hard! But man, if you’re no longer up for this, then step aside and let someone else give it a shot, because now you’re the Ryne Sandberg of mayors.

This was not a political post.

Now, let’s get it back to the Eagles.


*Seriously, Crossing Broad does not endorse any political party or candidate. When we did the Fetterman post a few months ago it was a Sheetz/Wawa thing, not a “vote for the Democrat!” thing. Likewise, if Dr. Oz shoots hot dogs out of the Phanatic’s cannon, we’ll do a story. We are a fair and balanced media outlet.