Love Sam Cassell in the Stanley Sugerman role here:

James Harden: Why it go up one though? 

Sam Cassell: Cause you missed motherfucker. 

JH: So why do I get the layup? 

SC: Follow your shot up. Fuck you talking about? 

JH: You on some middle school shit.

SC: That’s right! 

via Tenor

Honest to god how long do you think it would take you to finish this drill, CB Reader? I think it would take me all day. I’d be up in the 50s until I quit and punted the ball into the ceiling. My muscle memory from basketball is kaput. Anyway good to see Sam Cassell in the gym with the guys getting ready for an Eastern Conference Finals run next year. Doc probably just finished up 18 and is getting lunch before he starts another round.

P.S. 1% Better