Jason Kelce is probably the best Eagles quote in 2022 and was the best quote on day three of camp.

Noted Kelce:

“In this city, it feels like every year the media thinks we’re really good, we end up being shitty. And every year the media thinks we’re going to be shitty, we end up being really good.”

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Of course he’s correct here.

You can go year-by-year and this pretty much checks out:

  • 2021: shitty preseason feeling, new coach, but went 9-8 and made the playoffs
  • 2020: feeling relatively good about the team, went 4-12 and Doug was fired
  • 2019: high hopes, went 9-7 and lost in the wild card round
  • 2018: everybody hoping for a Super Bowl repeat, went 9-7 and lost in the divisional round
  • 2017: obviously nobody thought team was gonna win it all
  • 2016: low expectations, finished 7-9
  • 2015: people annoyed with Chip, but thought team might still be decent: 7-9
  • 2014: high hopes, went 10-6 but didn’t make playoffs
  • 2013: brand new coach, no clue what to expect, 10-6 and playoffs
  • 2012: positive vibes, 4-12, Andy fired
  • 2011: Dream Team went 8-8

So on and so forth. It’s pretty solid. I can’t remember too vividly what people thought about the 2015 squad or 2012 squad coming off the 8-8 season, but Kelce is right that when the Eagles are really good, they are exceeding expectations. If his theory holds up, then that means we are hyped for this campaign and it might turn to shit, so hopefully there’s a break in the pattern.