Jim Salisbury Says it’s All Good with Nick Castellanos

via Jamie Apody on Twitter

This story jumped the shark a few days ago, and we were done with it for good, but Jim Salisbury chimed in after remaining silent for 72 hours.

Here’s what he said about the dispute with Nick Castellanos in the Phillies locker room, which devolved into a Fatal 4-Way WWE matchup including Jamie Apody and Matt Gelb (from NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Phillies Talk podcast w/ Corey Seidman) – 

“Me and (Castellanos), we had our little thing this week and we banged heads. That happens. It used to happen a lot in clubhouses. You shake hands the next day and it’s over, and that’s actually what Nick and I ended up doing. We had a great chat (this week), and move on, it’s over. It seemed to bother everybody except us two. He’s frustrated, but he’s grinding and working and I can’t stress enough that there’s a track record there. Maybe when Harper and Segura get back, there’s some pressure off Nick…”

That’s a good response. Short and sweet. Paraphrasing – “Shit happens, we squashed it, no big deal.” These things really do take place more often than people realize, you just aren’t made aware because it’s off-the-record stuff that is handled away from the cameras and recorders.

I actually give Salisbury a lot of credit for going radio silent on Twitter after this thing took place on Saturday night. You had Gelb and Apody going back and forth but Jim didn’t chime in. That takes a lot of restraint, because when you’ve got fans ripping you, and the video is being shared 3.2 million times (no joke), you’re the big topic of the day, and you wanna respond and straighten things out.

Here’s the full podcast with Jim and Corey: