Jonathan Papelbon made himself relevant this week in an interview with betway insider. In it he was asked about the Phillies organization, which he described as a “shitshow” and touched on Bryce Harper as a leader:

And the Phillies?

Their pitching is okay, their bullpen is okay. But in order to be a good team and have a good postseason run, you have to have leadership. I don’t think the Phillies have any of that.

“It’s always been kind of chaotic in Philadelphia, with the fans, with the players, with the front office. It’s like a s**tshow there. And, for me, I see the s**tshow continuing. I mean, they fired their manager, what, two months into the season? As long as that stuff happens, Philadelphia will never win again. Philadelphia will never get back to the playoffs.”

“When they brought in me, Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay, everybody started getting hurt, and the sh**show began after that, I believe. It’s been nothing but downhill for the Phillies since then, and there hasn’t been anything even close to resembling a postseason team.”

Now, I don’t expect Papelbon to say anything good about the organization after the crotch-grab seen ’round the Delaware Valley:

But could you stick your foot in your mouth any further, man?

Papelbon obviously hasn’t watched a game since June 1st if he’s criticizing the organization for firing Joe Girardi. The Phillies are 27-14 with the new skip and immediately went on an eight game winning streak when Rob Thomson took over. Say what you want about the Phillies being a playoff team or not, but you can’t say they aren’t playing like one with major injuries to key players in the lineup and rotation.

Papelbon also had this to say about Bryce Harper:

How much are they going to miss Bryce Harper?

I’m not sure what’s going on with Bryce Harper right now. Thumbs, fingers, wrists, all those are very, very hard to come back from when you’re a hitter.

I don’t necessarily see him being a huge leader of the team, because he was never really a leader when I played with him. He kind of went about his own business and more was a me-guy or an I-guy, and wasn’t really into what was happening in the clubhouse, and didn’t have that pull for the team.

I don’t view him as a true leader but when he’s out it obviously takes a bat out of the lineup. Somebody’s going to have to step up for them. I don’t know who it may be. Schwarber is hitting some bombs this year, but it’s gonna take more than that.

Again, comments you can attribute to sour grapes. Remember when the two played together in Washington and fought in the dugout?

Bryce is never going to be a ‘rah-rah’ type of leader in the clubhouse. He’s a player that lets his performance do the talking. Presumably, that’s part of the reason why Dave Dombrowski brought in Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos. That tends to confuse people when they think of me-first guys. I don’t think a guy who constantly turns singles into doubles and busts his ass while playing with a torn UCL is  a me-first guy.

I can’t believe this guy is the franchise’s all-time leader in saves. Need Seranthony to eclipse that immediately.

P.S. Now that I watch that Papelbon vs. Harper video back again it reminds me of the Chappelle Show skit when Dylan goes after Wyclef. Papelbon is losing the argument so bad to a guy who is about to win unanimous MVP he just decides to choke him: