Less than 24 Hours into Training Camp and Jerry Jones has Already Apologized for Being Offensive

via KENS 5 News on YouTube

On Tuesday, Jerry Jones was acknowledging everyone in the Cowboys organization that passed away in 2022. When he got to Larry Lacewell, who was apparently short in height, He said this:

The joke did not land and Jerruh later apologized. 

Little People of America delivered a statement on Jones’ remarks, which I condensed:

Midget is a term that has widely been known to be derogatory for years and should be common knowledge to anyone in the public arena, such as Jerry Jones. Ignorance at this point is simply not an excuse. Any use of this disparaging slur along with suggestions or insinuations that our stature exists for amusement is deplorable and inexcusable.*

Jerry Jones has been involved with so many controversies over the last 40 years that dwarf this one. Keep this guy’s press conferences short and sweet moving forward. I have to expect a miniature fine coming from this.

Anyway, here’s the full introductory remarks, that you have to watch on YouTube:

*Kinkead: I played “midget-mite” football back in the 90s. Is it just “mite” football now? Serious question. I guess they’d probably have to change it if the term is considered insensitive.