If you weren’t able to chug beers with Jason Kelce at his Eagles Autism charity event, we have good news! You’ll have a second chance for the rest of your life because Kelce and his wife Kylie now own a home in Sea Isle.

via SIC Chatter Facebook Group

Now from Memorial Day to Labor Day it’s going to look like this at the OD, Dead Dog, Oar House and beyond (RIP La Costa).

Kelce is never going to pay for a beer in that town ever again. Not because he won a Super Bowl, but because Delco bros are going to challenge him to chugging contests every time he goes out:

Then we’ll move over to arm wrestling contests outside of Wawa at 2 a.m. while waiting for our order:

I guess this means Kelce is staying long after he retires. His wife is from here. He’s been going to Sea Isle for the last 10 years. Maybe he’ll even get a gig on the morning radio and be an Eagles ambassador they trot out for down the shore activities. Fine by me. Jason Kelce is an everyman. While the snooty elite buy property over the bridge in Avalon, Ocean City, and Stone Harbor, Kelce is over in Sea Isle roughing it at a beach with no boardwalk, but with a promenade. There’s nothing romantic about a boardwalk:


P.S. Honest question do you think Jason Kelce has an entire closet in his new house of just Ocean Drive shirts or do you think he wears the same one every time? I’d like to think he just wears one he got back in 2011 and gets it dry cleaned every week.