Mike Trout is Lame for Wanting to Stay in Anaheim

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Oh no did I touch the third rail? Loser energy radiates from Mike Trout. For the 100th time in his career he has to re-affirm he wants to be in Anaheim because nobody can believe someone this good could endure this much losing. He’s on his way to his seventh-straight season with a losing record. You and I have one less hit than Mike Trout does in the playoffs and we have the same amount of wins.

Per Jeff Fletcher at the Orange County Register:

“I signed the contract and this is where I want to be,” Trout said Tuesday, referring to the 12-year, $426 million extension he signed prior to the 2019 season. “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, he wants to be traded. Do this. Do that.’ I want to win. Everybody knows that.

“Going into the year, this isn’t where we wanted to be, obviously. Everybody knows that. We’ve still got time to turn this around.”

Would anyone in Anaheim care if Mike Trout asked for a trade? He’s not even the most popular player on his team. There isn’t one contender that wouldn’t pay to have him locked up for nine more years. He’s putting together historic OPS numbers and is on pace for a career high in home runs. All he has to do is walk into the GM’s office and ask. They’ll get a Godfather return for him, too. Instead he’s playing with a high school team:

It doesn’t make sense. You have all the money in the world, all of the accolades, and the approval of every fan in MLB. Why wouldn’t you want to win?


Is this the reason? Was there a distribution of loser energy when Carson Wentz handed Trout this football? This has to be the answer: