The Phillies are introducing new popcorn to Citizens Bank Park tonight with the help of Chickie’s and Pete’s:

Philly Grub has more details:

Introducing Philly Pop! A tasty twist on a baseball classic, the new popcorn offering is inspired by Chickie’s and Pete’s world-famous Crabfries and features Chickie’s and Pete’s signature seasoning paired with a tangy white cheddar flavor.  

Three brand-new Self-Serve Popcorn Machines by Gold Medal will be introduced to serve this salty snack at the ballpark. With the swipe of a credit card and push of a button, fans will be able to fill up their own buckets of Philly Pop and be back to their seat in no time. Citizens Bank Park will be the first and only sports venue in the world to have these state-of–the art popcorn machines.  

Fans can grab Philly Pop at Section 110 for $6.50 a bucket (plus tax) starting this Friday! 

$6.50 (plus tax) plus the $4 butter or cheese cup that comes with it. Is there any bigger scam then the one they’re running at whatever the Susquehanna Bank Center is called now? They sell crab fries over for $15 and cheese cup for an extra $4. Five ounces of cheese for $4? In this economy? They have you by the balls and they know it. I’m not going to eat soggy crab fries without that delicious gelatinous white cheddar cheese. Just like I’m not going to eat this Old Bay white cheddar popcorn without butter. I’ll be down there Sunday and report back if they’re charging for butter. I wouldn’t put it past an owner who assaults the very fans who line his pockets to do so:

Like Marlo Stanfield said, price of the brick going up: