The Flyers have a Russian goaltender prospect named Ivan Fedotov, who was selected in the 2015 draft. In May, they signed him to a one-year entry level contract, but according to multiple reports out of Europe, he’s been detained:

From the Euro Weekly story:

He is reportedly being taken to the Russian military registration and enlistment office.

Twenty-five-year-old Fedotov has played successfully in Moscow’s CSKA hockey club, winning the Gagarin Cup last season.

In April, Fedotov gave an interview in which he stated he would no longer be playing with CSKA instead  continuing his career with the Philadelphia Flyers.

According to,  the police department of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region received an official arrest request from the military prosecutor’s office that stated “there are sufficient grounds to consider Fedotov an army draft dodger.”

Other reports say he’s being forced into the army, and so speculation on social media is that he’ll have to participate in the Ukraine war or some other such bullshit. Talk about a serious situation with ramifications that extend well beyond this. What about other Russian players trying to leave the country? What does it mean for guys who went home in the offseason? How about prospects?

We’ve already got the Britney Griner situation taking place, now this, plus whatever else we haven’t even heard about. Congrats to Putin for rolling Russia back to the Soviet era.

Free Fedotov. Free Griner. Bring ’em home.

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