If Donovan McNabb was having a bad day it took a complete 180:

It doesn’t matter if you’re Terrell Owens. It doesn’t even matter if you’re in the Hall of Fame. You’re never too famous to get embarrassed in pick up basketball. It’s good to see the normies win one against pro athletes after a lifetime of being embarrassed, but can we talk about the guy in green for a second? Relax dude. It’s 18-8 in the first quarter. You should be proud you embarrassed T.O. That’s a story you’re going to be telling your boys forever. But this might be grounds for elder abuse. It’s not like you did this to LeBron or this was even a new streetball move you invented. Hot Sauce was doing this in the AND 1 Mixtape Tour while you were still in your dad’s nutsack. This guy is standing on the scorer’s table like he’s Pat Bev winning the play in tournament:


T.O. has a history of playing in the Venice Basketball League. Here’s him in 2010 dunking on everyone:

He’s got a pretty good game. It’s not polished or anything, but he plays like that star football player everyone had in high school who only played basketball so he could stay in shape for spring football. He can’t go to his left or catch and shoot, but if he burns someone backdoor the defense better clear for takeoff.