The Philly Captain Says Braves Tossed Him from Bullpen Area

via @philly_captain on Twitter

The Philly Captain says he was ejected from the bullpen area by Braves staff:

The video cuts off, so no clue how that “confrontation” ended, but screw this Braves bullpen coach. Eddie Perez. What a hardass. Bro you’re 50 years old with swamp ass, dressed head-to-toe in a jersey. Take your nine innings of hell and get over it.

Some people might not like The Philly Captain, but I’ve got a soft spot for him. I’ve met him before and he’s 100% the same guy on these videos that he is in person. The guy loves traveling around the city on his scooter, Flo Rida, and making opposing baseball teams lives miserable. I asked him one time if the Flo Rida thing was a schtick and he flat out told me, “No I have bi-polar disorder and Flo Rida songs make me happy.” I know you’re not supposed to laugh, but I laughed. It was just so honest.

Plus, he films it all for our enjoyment. Without The Philly Captain we don’t have the one angle of the Phone Launcher vs. Mets Scumbag:

We don’t have the most electric intro of Flo Rida ever. HIT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!:

We don’t have Angel Hernandez leaving CBP with the biggest smile ever after knowing he ruined Phillies fan’s nights:

Or Zack Hample getting put in his place:

Philly Captain is like our own Jane Goodall, but instead of living with chimps and documenting them he just lives in this insane place called Philadelphia documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly.