The Story Behind the Iconic Iverson-Era Sixers Jerseys, from the Guy Who Designed Them

Photo Credit: © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Tom O’Grady is the former NBA Creative Head and Founder of Gameplan Creative and Sports Design Agency. He joined Crossing Broadcast Thursday to talk about his first meeting with Pat Croce, and what went into designing the famous Iverson-Era Sixers jerseys:

Sidenote: What a thumbnail our guy Craig created. Have we officially crossed over into goofy thumbnails? Is this becoming a real YouTube show? 

Pat Croce, Harley Davidson, Allen Iverson, and no patriotic bullshit. Those are the ingredients for one of the most iconic jerseys in Sixers franchise history.

When you hear that hog coming down the street you pay attention to it.” What a quote from this mad man. I’d like to think the Sixers are more competitive in the 2000s if Pat Croce stayed on staff instead of retiring after the Finals run. One thing is certain, they never trade for Derrick Coleman if he was still there.

The question everyone wants to know is: Will the Sixers bring back the jerseys? They have the answers to the quiz:

Here’s the full Crossing Broadcast with Tom, Kevin, Sons of Ben drama, and some shitting on the Cowboys. Fun for everyone: