Trash Fires at RFK Remind us that FedExField is Only the Second-Worst Stadium in D.C.

via DC Fire and EMS

Firefighters had to go to the decommissioned shithole known as RFK Stadium on Tuesday evening because there was smoke coming from the building:

Man look at the weeds in that place! Someone send a landscaping crew down to D.C.

From Fox 5 D.C. – 

D.C. Fire and EMS officials said crews responded to the scene located at 2400 East Capitol St Northeast around 5:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Crews arrived to see smoke coming from the vicinity of Gate C inside the stadium. They entered the building and found at least two fires in the basement level of the stadium. 

The fire chief/inspector guy told media it was “piles of trash” on fire, which is fantastic.

For real though, RFK is the worst stadium experience of my entire life. It makes FedExField look like Jerry World. It is a steaming shit pile and should have been torn down the day D.C. United left the building in 2017. The Redskins left in 1996 and the Nationals left in 2007. It was supposed to be demolished last year but COVID and delays and blah blah.

There are raccoons and shit running around that joint and the press box view is incredibly narrow. It’s like you’re looking out the front window of the Millennium Falcon, like it juts out 20-some-odd feet and you can barely see anything from the cockpit. I felt like Chewbacca trying to watch a soccer game. hrrraaaaawwwwwwwwrrrrrr!