South Street has been having a rough go of it, yeah?

Check this out:

Damn. Hopefully everybody is alright.

Tim Jimenez of KYW News Radio says they got this thing under control about five hours after it started. It apparently began in the ventilation system, according to fire crews.

From the KYW website:

A manager said she opened the store around 8 a.m. and noticed it was really hot inside. She called her boss to get the air checked out, and within an hour, there was smoke.

A fire official confirmed that the fire was in the ventilation system. The extent of the damage is not immediately clear.

About 100 personnel were on the scene.


A Jim’s employee said they all got out safely.

That sucks. Jim’s is popular. There’s always a line wrapping around the corner and down the street. Really common spot for tourists and locals alike. I feel like Jim’s straddles that line, if that makes any sense. It’s 50% tourist and 50% local favorite, which seems weird, but that’s how I’d slice it up.

Let’s get Jim’s patched up and get back to serving up cheesesteaks. Wiz wit.