During a segment on ESPN talking about the LA Rams new Super Bowl rings, host Max McGee, who heralds from Cherry Hill, NJ, and is a graduate of Temple, must have had his eye on a couple of long stem, gold dipped roses when he randomly threw in a free ad for Stephen Singer:

I think it’s pretty evident this lady did not approve of the Stephen Singer shoutout. She must be a “Robbins Rocks” kind of gal. I will admit, the diamond in his beard is pretty awesome:

Culture yourself lady. That’s the king of Philadelphia jewelry he’s talking about. Not everyone is smart enough to offer freaked out potential husbands the chance to get shitfaced on Bud Lights while their excited brides-to-be window shop for engagement rings. It’s the little things that make him the best.

Quick question who has worse local commercials in Philly? Jewelers or car dealerships?

P.S. These Super Bowl rings are awesome! Between the removable top, pieces of the game winning ball in it, and the see through columns on the side they knocked this out of the park: