Will Eagles Debut Black Helmets Against the Texans on Thursday Night Football?

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans tweeted this out Wednesday, with a link to buy tickets to the Thursday Night Football game against the Eagles on November 3rd.

For that game, the Texans will debut their new “Battle Red” helmets:

Does this mean the Birds will wear their new black helmets? This season the Eagles will wear black helmets at different parts of the year. Gotta think if the Texans are wearing their home navy blue jerseys the Eagles would go with some combination of white. Maybe black helmet, white jersey, and black pants, which they pulled out against the Broncos last season:

I think the white top on black pants is a good look, and maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve always been a fan of color rush. White on white is CLEAN and with a black helmet with white wings this jersey combo could be taken to the next level. Remember that 2018-19 season (before the miserable playoff loss to the Saints) the Eagles went 4-0 in white on white? They even had that combo on during the Double Doink game. No Senor! No Senor! No Senor! –

The Eagles haven’t released a mock up of a helmet yet, but here are some mocks from Eagles fans on Twitter to wet the beak: