I know I said yesterday I’ll never utter another nice word about SNY after Keith Hernandez stuck his trumpet in his mouth. But after I slept on it, who the fuck cares that Keith Hernandez doesn’t want to call Phillies games? It’s a scheduled series off, like John Kruk and Larry Andersen get.

The only problem with his comment was about the Phillies’ fundamentals and defense. He hasn’t watched a Phillies game since May. You think Kruk has watched a Mets game since May? 99% of these color guys check a box score and the standings then show up and provide insight into what’s going on in the game.

My blog about the Mets lapping the Phillies in broadcast and in-stadium experience ruffled some feathers. This is what I wrote about the Edwin Diaz and Jacob deGrom entrance videos SNY has been tweeting out:

“Compare those two SNY clips to anything you’ve seen in the last 10 years on NBC Sports Philadelphia. The camera following behind Diaz, the other camera watching deGrom fire warm-up pitches from an angle the fan rarely sees.”

What do you know, the first shot NBCS Philly shows of Zack Wheeler warming up Tuesday night is from behind. I didn’t know if it was a funny shot at CB or just a coincidence. The blog obviously got the attention of the Phillies broadcast director:


I love waking up to a well-executed subtweet. It gets my fucking blood pumping. Funniest thing about this tweet though is it’s not light years better or better at all than the Mets, and if you think it is, you have red pin-striped colored glasses on.

P.S. Here’s SNY with another creative live broadcast bit. Introducing the “Buck Cam”:

If NBCSP tried to pull off a graphics package of this magnitude using Comcast’s shitty wifi, the production truck would explode.