According to Ruben Amaro Jr., Pete Rose had the Hardest Wood he’s Ever Touched

via NBCSP broadcast

Tuesday night the Phillies got crushed in a bullpen game by the Braves, 13-1. I always feel bad for announcers during these types of games. If you’re a fan, you can just get up and leave, but if you’re an announcer, you have to scratch and claw to get through 27 outs when there is very little hope of a comeback. A lot of times you just talk about random shit and that’s what T-Mac and Ruben Amaro Jr. did most of the later innings when RAJ told us about Pete Rose’s wood:

This has to be the best Phillies-related sexual innuendo broadcast commentary since Sarge’s ‘ya gotta jerk off the ball.’ It was so fucking funny it had to be intentional. It’s everything you can ask for in an eight second clip:

If I had to pick, Sarge still has the crown. The line ‘if it comes. It comes‘ was a perfect cherry on top of a dick joke. If RAJ doesn’t ask Pete this weekend about his hard wood during Alumni Weekend, that’s a miss.

Speaking of Phillies Alumni Weekend, we had Mike Lieberthal on Crossing Broadcast Tuesday to talk about his career, who he’s most looking forward to seeing this weekend, and how hard it was to play in Philly: