Big Red just discovered a way to maximize the 53-man roster. Have your safety and kicker be the same player:

That’s Justin Reid, the starting safety, nailing about a 35 yard field goal. The holder is Juan Thornhill, the starting strong safety. Honestly, with how smooth that looked I wouldn’t be shocked if they’ve been practicing that together all summer. If you think it’s beginner’s luck, here’s Justin Reid hitting a 65 yarder in camp:

The Chiefs let him kick an extra point against the Bears last Saturday and here’s another video of him booming a kickoff to the goal line while on the Texans last year:

I’d be shocked if we didn’t have our first dual threat player in the NFL in the next 20 years. Every spot on a roster is precious. Think of the guys who have been cut and wound up having a great career: Kurt Warner, James Harrison, Wes Welker, Jeff Saturday. Imagine having a guy who could kick or punt, but also play linebacker. Now you’re saving two roster spots for that freak tight end on the cusp or that OL on the bubble who would benefit from more teaching from Jeff Stoutland. Or, how about the amount of trick plays you can run. You’re not dealing with a dopey kicker who can’t get around the end, but instead a freak athlete with 4.4 speed. Justin Reid might’ve just started a whole revolution.

P.S. Where the hell was this in 2005 Andy? You had the swiss-army knife Mark Simoneau ready to be unleashed: