Angelo Cataldi will Retire when Eagles’ Season Ends

Angelo Cataldi went on the Working the Beat podcast, which is co-hosted by Kevin Cooney and Mike Kern.

It was a GOOD podcast, because like Angelo’s recent appearance on The Press Box with Bryan Curtis, he turned off the shtick and spoke like a normal human being.

Among items of interest, Angelo explained that he will be retiring when the Eagles season ends, saying this:

Back in October of 2021, when Cataldi revealed his retirement plans, he originally noted that he would be retiring in December. A lot of people wondered if it made sense for him to leave in the middle of the Eagles’ season, assuming they’d be in the playoff hunt at that point, and so this pretty much confirms the common sense thing folks asked about. He’ll call it quits when the Birds are done.

Other tidbits:

  • He claims to not know who his successor is and says he hasn’t been “a part of that process” (we think Joe DeCamara is the leader in the clubhouse).
  • He doesn’t seem interested in doing a weekly podcast after retirement.
  • He says he wouldn’t be able to handle doing five days a week of radio and mentioned that the Wednesday off day has been a big thing this year.
  • Angelo thinks Mike Missanelli did “not deserve” to go out the way he did.
  • He invited Mikey Miss to come on his show. Mike has a three-month non-compete so even if he does accept the invite, he can’t do anything right now.

What we have now is a win/win situation. If the Eagles are really good, then we have a playoff berth to look forward to. If they stink, then Angelo leaves early. These are two positive outcomes.

Good podcast. Full episode here: