Not gonna lie, I get somewhat aroused when Brian Baldinger drops his Twitter breakdowns following a football game. Not aroused in a sexual way, but awakened and excited for NFL film breakdown.

After Friday’s preseason opener, Baldy provided us with a preseason look at the Birds, and, no surprise, he loves Jordan Davis:

Couple of things here –

First, when Baldy talks about Davis being responsible for the “front side A gap” and then he illustrates how he moves into the “back side A gap” on the same sequence, he’s speaking about the space on either side of the center. We usually think of old fashioned nose tackles as being space eaters who occupy the middle and try to clog things up, and on that play specifically, Davis was lined up as a “1 technique” just off the center’s outside shoulder:

This is a storyline to follow as the season progresses. There’s been a lot of talk about the Eagles going 3-4 with the defense this year, or playing some sort of 5-2 overhang with various edge rushing combinations, so the more film we get, the better understanding we’ll have of what Jonathan Gannon wants to do.

On another sequence Baldy picked, they’ve got Davis lined up wider, this time as a 3 technique over the guard’s outside shoulder:

The question about conditioning is a good one. We don’t know how many high-effort snaps Davis can play at this level. We don’t have a sample size that tells us anything about that. His body weight will be monitored as well. Of course it will be. But the guy looks to have a ton of flexibility. They can line him up in multiple spots. He can eat space. He can shed blocks and looks difficult to move. It’s early days, but Davis looks like he’s gonna be a player.