YouTuber iamgeraldhuston spotted Ben Simmons in the mall, called him Russell Westbrook, and told him he couldn’t shoot. He’s got a whole TikTok page dedicated to these bits where he intentionally mistakes athletes, rappers, and random people for other famous people:

I don’t think anyone looks good here. The guy filming the video seems like a loser and it’s impossible to look cool fishing Twizzlers out of display case.

A couple things though. That IT’SUGAR can’t hold a candle to the one in Atlantic City.

Second, that security guard has to be fired. Three strikes you’re out. First strike: letting the guy walk all the way up to Ben Simmons while he was spending his new grievance money at a candy store he rented out. That’s an easy one. Strike two: nobody in the history of the world has ever been intimidating uttering the phrase “kick rocks.” What is this guy 80? Who does he think he’s protecting, Bill Walton? You’re literally hired to do two things. Be intimidating and kick anyone’s ass who tries to get close to your client. You failed at both. Lastly, you can’t have a bodyguard built like Cedric the Entertainer. Is that guy going to suplex the next guy that runs up on you at the mall or star in “Barbershop 4”? Probably the latter.

Here’s the whole YouTube video: