Tyrese Maxey claims he could’ve went pro in the NFL. Let’s see what he’s got:


Listen, I love Maxey as much as the next guy, but let’s be real. That was what, 30 yards in the air at best?  The receiver had to slow down his route waiting for the ball. Not to mention nobody is biting on that pump fake. Even Trevon Diggs could’ve picked that off:

Kevin Durant on the other hand? Flawless mechanics. Look how he escapes the rush and throws on the run while leading his receiver open so he can take off for six. Can’t teach that:

When Maxey is in Brooklyn he can probably get a tryout with the Giants. Brian Daboll would probably salivate over this tape after being tortured with 10 hours of Daniel Jones film every day.

Here’s what a real dual athlete looks like for the kids at home: