Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs Got BURNT by a Practice Squad Guy

via @JonMachota on Twitter

Guess which player is the All-Pro in this 1-on-1 battle:

If you guessed Simi Fehoko you’re wrong. That guy isn’t even allowed to buckle his chin strap on Sundays.

It is a beautiful sight to watch Trevon Diggs get emasculated on a simple head fake. Cowboys fans are going to cry there was no safety help. They’re going to scream he had 11 interceptions. Conveniently, they will not mention that he gave up the most yards in the league last year. They will point to his picks, but refuse to acknowledge he gets spun like a top once a game:

I’m sure Diggs got right back in there and shut down the next guy:

Shane Steichen is going to tell A.J. Brown to go long all game.

P.S. Before Cowboys fans jump in my mentions about Jalen Hurts missing a wide open DeVonta Smith during a throwing drill, everyone knows NovaCare is windier in August than Soldier Field in December. Look at those trees violently shaking in the background: