“Definitely Overblown” – Mike Lieberthal on the Idea that Playing in Philadelphia is Tough on Athletes

Phillies Wall of Famer Mike Lieberthal was on Crossing Broadcast Tuesday, where he talked about coming back for Alumni Weekend. He also touched on the topic of playing in a “difficult” sports market:

I don’t want to hear any athlete complain about how tough it is in Philly ever again. That’s a guy who gave both of his knees for the Phillies while playing for some of the worst teams in franchise history and never once making the playoffs in 14 years. I mean this guy had to catch for teams where Danny Jackson was the best player. Imagine what being kicked in the dick feels like. I’d have to imagine it would be like getting called up a year after the World Series run in ’93 and leaving in free agency two years before the team won it all. To then still have this outlook on Philly is awesome when honestly he was probably unfairly scrutinized in the media or booed by fans at times.

While getting run over by Adam Dunn down 10-0:

Here’s the entire Crossing Broadcast, talking MLB trade deadline, what changing managers can do for a clubhouse, and more: