Disclaimer: I’m wasting my breath with this, but keep an open mind before you absolutely shred this blog.

Daryl Morey was at the Phillies game on Friday, probably wondering why he had to slog his way through a three hour, 7-2 loss against the Mets when he tweeted this out:

It was, of course, welcomed with nuanced rebuttal and respectful discourse. Just kidding. Everyone basically replied “shut up nerd” and then offered their preferred trade package to acquire KD.

I, on the other hand, thought it was an awesome proposal, but I’m not a baseball fan. Or am I more of a baseball fan than anyone in this city because I don’t want to see the game die?

Think about it. Say you sleep for eight hours a night. Now say you’re watching 1-0 baseball game for three hours. That 16 hours you were awake about 20% was spent watching a pitchers duel. That’s not fun. The next generation of fans doesn’t want that. What if your pitcher and bullpen shoved for eight straight innings and we’re out of there in two hours?

I understand stats will never be the same, but we don’t complain about the three point line and shot clock changing scoring records forever. It’s also a time to start a new wing of the Hall of Fame. All that old Hall of Fame with steroids, dead balls, and stories that might have been made up you can still have that. The home run king is an asshole who cheated. The hit king seems to be a giant piece of shit. This is a fresh start for baseball. Adapt or die.

It’s better than Kyle Scott’s fucking idea: