It’s been months since the Crossing Broad Eagles mystery source communicated with us, but alas:

The message was short. It basically just said “JJAW is gone.”

For some background here, mystery source has been pretty good in the past. They got the Steven Nelson signing and Jalen Ramsey trade. They had a couple of minor transactions, too, like Jordan Matthews coming back to the Eagles. This individual (or individuals?) also mentioned that Eagles/Washington was being moved to a Tuesday last year due to COVID, and they messaged us about Lane Johnson leaving the team to return to Oklahoma last year, which I believe was then confirmed first by John Clark.

For what it’s worth, JJAW didn’t practice today:

Smoke and fire? We’ll find out soon if Eagles mystery source is correct.


The Crossing Broad mystery source is not the Let’s Go to the Phones mystery source. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.