The King checking in on Twitter:

CliffsNotes version:

Howard tweeted out the thing about “excuses” and got ratio’d by followers for going glass-half-empty and Negadelphia after the Mets series loss. Most pragmatic Philadelphia sports fans did not expect to take two of three in Queens, nor did they have super-high expectations going up against deGrom without a healthy Kyle Schwarber and Bryce Harper, right? So they chose to focus on a solid Friday night win and look forward, as the Phillies now sit at 63-51 with three games in Cincinnati on deck.

Also, King was wrong. The Phillies do “beat good teams.” They won the series in Seattle, beat the Dodgers three times in a row, swept Milwaukee on the road, won 3 of 4 in San Diego, etc. They’ve got plenty of wins against good teams this season.

It’s basically the same criticism Howard has been receiving for years. The Eagles can do no wrong and he never says a bad word about the football team, but the Phillies/Sixers/Flyers are scum and we get the grandstanding Negadelphia routine from The King. The Phillies could win 50 games in a row, and you won’t hear a thing from Howard, then they lose two of three and he comes out trying to “keep it real.” Real dumb.