The only thing bigger than Jordan Davis is expectations. Watch him push back Cam Jurgens like he’s a sled in training camp:

I haven’t seen a man this emasculated since CT carried Johnny Bananas like a backpack during The Challenge:

Then watch it in reverse as Cam Jurgens bunny hops Jordan Davis back to the line:

Honestly, if you’re watching this as an Eagles fan, this is a win-win. Cam Jurgens gave the QB a legit four seconds of time in the pocket. Even Jalen Hurts can get to his second read in that scenario. I’m now convinced Jason Kelce’s future replacement can line up with Aaron Donald and Jordan Davis will wreak havoc on the best centers in the league for the next 10 years.

Here are some other highlights from camp last night:

We were down there with a camera asking fans what they thought, that video will be out some time tomorrow, but talking to people it felt like most were happy with Jalen and others were still questioning his ability. Plenty said the offense won the night while plenty said the defense wreaked havoc on the O-Line, which sent Hurts scrambling a ton. The Eagles staff supposedly was in training camp form too, still needing to work out some kinks. It was hot and they PACKED people into the lower bowl while only having some people in the second level.

Here was the big play of the night. I better get at least 10 Merrill calls of Hurts to Brown this season:

Here’s another angle:

Jalen juked Brandon Graham out of his shoes, but good to see that surgically repaired ACL hold up:

How Vai Sikahema doesn’t have this job I’ll never understand:

Jalen Hurts turned 24 yesterday and the crowd sang happy birthday. Stick to exclusive interviews, Spuds:

Welcome to a real football city AJ: