Nick Sirianni better have used every single second of his hour-long practice to work on recreating the greatest moment in preseason history:

I mean, preseason at this point is basically a joke, so why shouldn’t the first play for the Birds tonight be a go route to A.J. Brown? Everyone is questioning Jalen Hurts’ arm strength and accuracy. Let him spin it. I want to see it on full display tonight. If he’s going to be the franchise QB, like some people think he can be, he’ll quiet the haters tonight on the first play of the game.

Sidenote: Could you imagine being #28 on the Ravens? Starters are probably only playing the 1st quarter. The only thing you’re worrying about is not getting hurt. He probably didn’t even tighten the straps on his gloves. Then here comes Big Red calling a Hail Mary the first play and #28 is five steps behind T.O. Now he’s gotta walk back to the sidelines hoping he doesn’t make eye contact with Ray Lewis. Brutal.