Babe wake up! New “iron sharpens iron” quotes just dropped! Every player in training camp loves dropping an iron sharpens iron quote so much that we’re on to post #2 in a recurring series. Here’s the first one.

Let’s get to the new batch. We have three new “iron sharpens iron” from the Eagles alone, starting with Birds YouTube making it the main takeaway from Shane Steichen’s Tuesday press conference:

via Eagles YouTube

And then Jordan Davis on the viral Cam Jurgens rep video:

Extra points from Jordan Davis for sticking up for his teammate in the process. We’ll let this cliche slide.

What if the safety position ends up being one the holes in the Eagles defense like many fans are worried it’s going to be. What were we sharpening all of August?

How about the Bucs now:

Little slip up from the Bucs coach, but we recovered. That’s a veteran of the “iron sharpens iron” game right there.


I just learned who Jon Greenard is. So if I didn’t scour the ends of the internet trying to find NFL players dropping “iron sharpens iron” cliches I would’ve never learned who this guy was.

Iron sharpens iron.

Not only is it reserved for the NFL, it’s becoming the battle cry for college football teams too:

Or as Brian Kelly would say, “Iiiron Shawpens Iiiron”

Great spinzone by this kid at UCF. PR 101. Instead of saying I want to kill this dude because he transferred from the SEC and wants to take my job, we get a canned iron sharpens iron quote and there’s no drama. Masterclass.

Iron Sharpens Iron on the way to four wins. Temple is basketball school. Move along.

Luke Fickell wore his best novelty sweatshirt straight from the Wildwood boardwalk.

The only sharpening of iron Jim Harbaugh doesn’t agree with is when it’s done to a clothes hanger.

Hilarious that WVTM13 spelled out the iron analogy for the smooth brains down there. They taught analogies in 4th grade. Too bad school peaked in Tuscaloosa after you learned how to write a cursive capital “A” in the 2nd grade.

Tag me in any “iron sharpens iron” cliches you see on the internet: @kylepagancb