I don’t know what got into the Eagles, but if this is what they’re like in practice just imagine if they start dominating teams on Sunday. We have some DOGS. There are Olympians blowing up guys on special teams and then hurdling over their dead body:

Landon Dickerson pancaked one guy to the Earth’s core:

Then did it to another Browns lineman and proceeded to dance:

DeVonta Smith even got in on the shit talking. Do you know how much of a dickhead you must be if Smith starts chirping back at you? –

This much:

Even Nick Sirianni got in on the fun:

Listen, training camp is taking too damn long and my expectations are getting out of control. BUT, do you remember the last Eagles team with a second-year QB that would dominate your team and then dance on their grave?

The touchdown celebrations were so crisp that year:

Here’s some Next Gen Stats powered by Amazon AWS. If Sirianni wins the joint practice against the Browns he’ll be 6-0 lifetime. He’d be the Chuck Noll of practice. Batting 1.000. Never lost a joint practice a day in his life. He’s now taken down the Jets, Patriots, and Browns. Hang the banner.