JJ Bleday’s Family Had a Good Time at Citizens Bank Park

from Bally Sports

Marlins rookie JJ Bleday is from Danville PA, up in Montour County near Bloomsburg. He had a whole group on hand to watch him play against the Phillies, and when he homered Tuesday night, they pulled out the birds (15 seconds in) –

Bird flipper on the left appears to be working on a Summer Shandy tall boy, just having herself a good time. Maybe the guy in the Harper jersey was ribbing them earlier in the game. We aren’t entirely sure who flipped first.

John Healy at Audacy wrote this:

“It’s no easy at all, but they did it tonight,” Bleday told reporters of his family switching sides.

To make matters better, Bleday actually promised his girlfriend, Emily Mathewson — who grew up in Philadelphia and is in dental school at Temple — a home run to right field before the game.

Mathewson, who met Bleday at Vanderbilt, was actually able to get the ball after a close friend who works for Mathewson’s uncle bargained $200 for it from the fan who caught the ball, according to MLB.com.

The Marlins lost 4-1. They are 49-60 and stink.