Joe Conklin Did the Same Bit Twice on the WIP Morning Show (updated)

A loyal Crossing Broad reader messaged us this morning with the following note:

“…so Conklin did a Chip Kelly skit at 7 a.m. this morning and Angelo did his fake laugh even though it is all scripted, then, at 8:55 a.m., Conklin does almost the same exact skit and the entire crew laughs like it’s the first time they heard it.”

Say what? Did this actually happen?

An investigation reveals that yes, it did.

Here’s the first clip, from 6:54 a.m. –

Disclaimer: I’ve never heard Joe Conklin do Chip Kelly before. It sounds a bit like Donald Trump.

Anyway, there’s a joke in there about pecan pie, and retirement, and we get a “miscake” joke. There’s a mention of Yacht Rock near the end. Then we wrap it up with a “secret wife” mention.

Now let’s cross-reference this with the second clip, from 8:54 a.m. –

Okay, so it’s not verbatim obviously, but a lot of the same exact things are in there. We got another pecan pie reference right off the bat and another “miscake” joke. Then there’s the same “see how the other half lives” joke. Sleep monitor joke repeats. Gang fight joke repeats. Six plays joke repeats. Yacht Rock got a second mention. Then we had another “secret wife” reference. The bit wraps up with a second delivery of the wife and travel joke.

It’s a little weird, yeah? If they wanted to promote Conklin a couple of times in the show, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you would think he’d do a different character. Maybe do Chip Kelly at 7 a.m. and do Andy Reid at 9 a.m. It feels goofy to do the same bit and repeat some of the same exact lines during the same show.

I can’t imagine folks listen to two straight of hours of morning radio, so most people probably only heard this once, but it’s still bizarre.


EDIT – The responses to this post are very stupid. Apparently Conklin and WIP have been “doing this forever,” which makes it even worse. You guys don’t see a problem with repeating the same exact jokes on the same show, two hours apart? I know the audience changes at regular intervals, but it’s not like people are filing out of the comedy club and a completely new wave comes in. This isn’t KYW News Radio doing traffic and weather on the 2s for a commuter audience. Obviously the guy who sent this note to us was listening for 2+ hours this morning.

Solution: Just have Conklin write four minutes of material instead of two minutes. Send it to management for pre-show approval and do two different bits. Guy has been in comedy for decades and hits on a million different characters. Surely it’s not that difficult.

EDIT 2 – like isn’t it tacky to fake laugh at the same shit you already heard? when Joe Schmoe does the weather every ten minutes at KYW, it’s just the weather, it’s not cringe