Nick Castellanos is Back, Baby

via NBC Sports Philadelphia

Or at least we hope so:

Humongous home run for Nick Castellanos. He needed that one. His first home run since June 30th, if you can believe it, which also came against the Braves.

Don’t look now, but Castellanos has hit in six of his last seven games. He went 1-3 in Tuesday’s forgettable loss, but was 4-5 against the Pirates on Sunday and finished that series 9-19 at the plate with 3 RBI.

We’re moving forward here. Baby steps. Just getting warmed up as we welcome the eventual return of Bryce Harper and Jean Segura. We need to hold down the fort and stay ahead of the lame-ass St. Louis Cardinals to secure that final wild card spot.

(Nick has been pretty good since the Jim Salisbury altercation… maybe Salisbury busted him out of this slump)