Nick Sirianni Spotted Talking to Kareem Hunt Amid Trade Request

“You see this shirt? This could have your face on it someday.” –

Look at #12. He knows Kareem is gone:

Sirianni is a used car salesman. You go onto the lot just to look and the next thing you know you’re driving off in a new Kia Sorrento. He even convinced you to purchase the five-year extended warranty knowing in six years it’s going to break down.

The thing is, it’s a simple equation we’ve seen before. Kareem Hunt + unhappy w/ contract + Sirianni + cap wizard Howie Roseman = New RB1 in the backfield for Week 1 against the Lions.

The Browns season is going to be a dumpster fire. They need picks they gave up in the Deshaun Watson trade. Flip Miles Sanders on an expiring deal. Get a power RB who can also catch out of the backfield and complement Kenny G. The only question mark is at RB and QB so you might as well surround your QB with weapons. If the Eagles were to make this move they inch closer to the Super Bowl being a reality.