Monsters. Using the fan giveaway to litter the field because the game isn’t going how you thought it would? What fanbase would do that? –

This was the play that caused the reaction from fans. The Padres have not scored in 23 straight innings:

Classless. The Padres should be banned from the playoffs and the league should force Juan Soto to be traded to the next best wild card team. This is your future face of baseball. Do you want him playing in front of fans who don’t respect Rob Manfred’s pace of play rules? No. You want him playing in front of fans that give a guy who had sex with 14 year olds a 5-minute standing ovation:

Wait what? Scratch that.

You want your face of baseball to play in front of the best fans in MLB. Fans who puke passion on little girls when their buddy gets kicked out of the game:

Hold up. Let’s try again.

It’s all about accolades in today’s game. Imagine how quickly he’ll get 3,000 hits playing for a fanbase that plays mental gymnastics with the opposing outfielders. Is this the time a battery comes for their skull? Who knows? They sure won’t and that’s just how fans in the greatest city in the world with the greatest fans can affect the game.