Reporter Not Messing Around with Carson Wentz Interview (updated)

from Warren Sharp on Twitter

This is probably the most blunt snippet of an interview I’ve ever seen:

“So, you totally suck ass. How does that feel?” (paraphrasing)

I have no idea who the interviewer is, so I’ll ask Twitter (UPDATE – it’s Scott Abraham from the ABC station in Washington)

But talk about tough questions. Holy cow. This guy wasn’t beating around the bush. He got right down to it. If there’s a full interview somewhere I’ll try to find it and post it, because maybe this guy threw Carson a couple of softballs before obliterating him. Howard Eskin is somewhere smiling and nodding, perhaps looking at this guy as a possible protege.

Disclaimer: I do not hate Carson Wentz. This post is not intended to further slander a man who played a role in bringing a Super Bowl to Philadelphia. I’m Crossing Broad’s resident Wentz defender because I think people go overboard criticizing him. 


Here’s some longer video from the interview: