The Mets are really good. Credit where it’s due.

They do, however, remain a repulsive franchise with repulsive fans, and now the latest thing going around up there is something called “The Edwin Diaz Challenge,” where regular joe schmoes decide to replicate their closer’s overrated entrance:

This is so cringe. Mets fans emulating their closer on TikTok? Might as well bring back the Harlem Shake while we’re at it. Even the Macarena was cooler than this.

Diaz has 26 saves and a career-best 1.36 ERA this season, which is even more annoying. They are really good, the Mutts, sitting at 71-39 and 10 games in front of the Phillies as of August 9th. They’ve won 13 of their last 15 and the annual Mets collapse looks like it’s not gonna happen this season, though we’re hoping it does come and then Mr. Met and Mrs. Met gotta put the trumpets away:

Go Phils.