Next stop Wawa! Wawa next stop!

Wawa signed an NHL-style deal with SEPTA at 10 years/$5.4 million for the naming rights to a new stop on the formerly-known “Media/Elwyn line.” It’ll now be known as the Media/Wawa line.

Via SEPTA’s blog:

SEPTA’s newest Regional Rail station – located at 1490 W. Baltimore Pike – will bear the name of a hometown institution thanks to a naming rights agreement announced today.

The new Wawa Station will officially open for service on Sunday, August 21, 2022.

This announcement represents an important milestone for SEPTA’s multi-year project to restore more than 3.5 miles of Regional Rail service west of Elwyn to the new Wawa Station. SEPTA trains last served this area in 1986. The Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line will now be called the Media/Wawa Line to reflect the new terminus of service.

Wawa easily shoots up the list of best company-sponsored stations, beating out NRG, Jefferson, and Penn Medicine. Why stop there since SEPTA needs the money? Lets start getting more companies to name stations. The Broad Street Line should be renamed Justin M. Bieber Esquire line. With the subway the way it is now, it’s good to have a personal injury lawyer top of mind.  I’m sure we could get a GoFundMe together to raise the money for the Erie stop to be renamed Boner 4ever Station to keep the memory of the building alive years after it’s torn down to make a hotel. Campbell Soup or Subaru can get the PATCO. Comcast can have whatever is left over.

Wawa has to build a cafe at the station right? I miss the days of train station cafes. I grew up taking the R5 out of Lansdale, where you could grab a coffee or food before getting on the train. The food stunk because it was one step above the multi-use kitchen your entire freshman dorm used to burn ramen noodles which resulted in random 3 a.m. fire drills during finals week. Manned by a woman who cared more about when she got to smoke her next heater rather than heating the Jimmy Dean frozen croissant all the way through before your train came. Still some great memories.

Here’s what the station looks like: