The NBA Christmas day schedule was leaked Sunday night by Shams:

James Harden had it first:

This is the best possible outcome for the Sixers. The Knicks have the noon game every year on Christmas. Wake up. Open presents. Have some brunch while Joel Embiid and James Harden ruin Spike Lee’s holiday. Done by 3 p.m. Win in hand and you have the rest of your Christmas to yourself, plus football.

If your family is one of those crazy families that goes and visits cousins or grandparents on Christmas, first wtf? Second, family time for Christmas is reserved for Christmas Eve. Tie one on with the cousins, watch the Birds beat the Cowboys for the division, collect some $20 Wawa gift cards from your aunt, and call it a day. Christmas is for playing with your new toys, watching basketball, eating Chinese food, and nursing that hangover because you drank mom mom’s spiked egg nog too late into the night, making plans with your cousin about the least-expensive way to get to Glendale.

Christmas weekend is going to be one for the record books.

Here’s the best remix of Frosty the Snowman you’ll ever hear to start your day: