Smallest Crowd of the Season at Citizens Bank Park

Photo Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports


We just did an entire column and devoted half of a YouTube show to this topic, so there’s not much to rehash, but that number is pretty sad in a vacuum. Note that the Phillies just lost three of four to the Mets, and lost two of three to New York last week, so you probably have folks not totally buying in. Plus, this was a Monday night game against a crappy Reds team and there was inclement weather in the area.

You also have kids going back to school at some spots across the region, so that’s a factor here. Fans are getting in their last vacation days of the summer before the September grind begins again. There are a bazillion different things at play.

Maybe we gotta do a comprehensive poll here, because it seems like there are myriad reasons for ballpark attendance being down. Price, weather, schedule, not believing in the team, etc. Let’s get some real data to work off of here. Let’s advance the story.