Some Clown Named Mike Lombardi is Complaining About the Eagles’ 2020 Tank Job

from YouTube (Rich Eisen Show)

Get a load of this guy:

First we had Sal Paolantonio, in absolutely insane fashion, ask the NFL to investigate the Eagles on this. Mike Missanelli questioned Sal about it and he became so flustered that he hung up the phone. Now we’ve got some clown named Mike Lombardi bringing back something that happened almost two years ago (the same Mike Lombardi who said Doug P was unqualified to be a head coach, one year before he won the Super Bowl).

The problem here is that nobody is ever going to be able to prove that the Eagles were tanking. They very obviously were trying to lose the game, but Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman and everybody else could go up on the hypothetical witness stand and lie through their teeth, saying “we wanted to get Nate Sudfeld meaningful reps.” They could also claim that the T.Y. McGill neutral zone infraction was an accident, and maybe it actually was, but it was still hilarious. What an amazing game that was. So much fun. Social media was awesome. I wish I could relive it.

But yeah, I don’t know why people became so offended by the tank. We’ve been over it a million times before. The Eagles had to do what benefited them. They didn’t owe the New York Giants shit. If the Giants didn’t like it, they should have done better than 6-10. Get the hell out of here with that. “The integrity of the game.” There was no integrity in the NFC East that entire season, just four embarrassment teams playing pitiful football all season long. Nobody deserved to go to the playoffs anyway.

Lombardi needs to stand down. When Sal Pal takes off the dunce cap and leaves the corner of the room, Mike should take his place. The Eagles did what the Eagles needed to do, and they’re better for it. They’re not the first team in sports to lose a game on purpose to improve their draft stock and better position themselves for the future.