The Commies just landed their biggest sponsor deal in franchise history. SeatGeek will pay $10 million to $12 million annually to be their official ticket partner. Ironic that the team with the second worst attendance in the NFL last season signed a record deal with a ticket company. That’s like the Flyers signing with ZipRecruiter and having them pick the team’s next defenseman:

Don’t worry, I’m sure fees are going to skyrocket with this news. Dan Snyder has an illustrious history of fucking over his fans on the field and off the field. Shoutout to @DamnSnyder who has an entire thread of all the shitty things Snyder has done since he bought the team. It’s truly remarkable how terrible a person Snyder is. Makes me realize Jeffrey Lurie wanting Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson isn’t so bad after all:

Gotta make a splash when you’re the new owner. Some guys star in cinematic classics when they buy the team. Snyder? Increased tickets. That year the Skins went 6-10.

Charging for training camp is like charging for church and still being expected to give to the collection plate:

This guy made more money off 9/11 than the Saudis and Cheney family:


Imagine Mastercard, a company that has spent billions trying to stay a monopoly, sells more customer data than anyone while putting mom and pop shops out of business because of their crazy transaction fees having to tell Snyder he’s being unfair:


Fork it up. A contract is a contract. Snyder doesn’t care that you’re in the worst recession in 30 years. If you want to watch Jason Campbell and Santana Moss lead the Skins to four wins this season it’s time to pay the pauper:


The irony of it all is that this might be Snyder’s nail in the coffin. Jerry Jones and the other owners can turn a blind eye to everything you did until you start goosing the ticket revenue numbers and taking money out of their pockets. Fans who make this game rich are one thing. Thirty other billionaires not getting a few million they probably spend in gas in a year for their yachts is something they cannot abide by. Nope. Can’t let that fly:

That’s it. One thing you can say about Snyder is he hasn’t changed. He’s been 100% himself for the last 23 years.