The Eagles Need to Deploy These “Seekers” Around the NovaCare Complex

via Monarc Sports

Look at this thing. This looks like something we should be sending over to Ukraine:

I love this shit. It looks like a gatling gun that fires footballs. I can’t get enough of sport technology.

The Seeker is basically a robotic quarterback with a touchscreen and joystick, and there’s a pulse thing you wear on your arm that tracks your movements around the field. You can program all sorts of stuff into it. You can select the “Wormburner” option, which replicates a Donovan McNabb pass. There’s also “sail” mode, which mirrors a Carson Wentz overthrow. The possibilities are endless.

Throw the JUGS machine in the scrap pile with Hitchbot! We gotta get some Seekers down to the NovaCare complex to get these receivers the reps they need: