How’s that for a headline?

We did some portmanteau talk on Saturday night after Taryn Hatcher mashed up the slider and cutter, bringing us a new baseball pitch called “The Slutter” –

Hilarious. Lefty Grove threw a nasty slutter. You had to be there to see it.

Anyway, in the first post, I gave my Mount Rushmore of portmanteaus, which was hangry, breathalyzer, brunch, and slutter. I missed quite a few good ones, however, so I decided to re-approach this and deliver the authoritative list of portmanteaus for you. These are in order, from #1 through #25 –

  1. “shart” – shit + fart
  2. “slutter” – a slider and a cutter
  3. vurp” – vomit + burp, like when it comes up in your mouth a little bit, just totally gross
  4. “liger” – a lion and a tiger
  5. “Manimal” – a man and an animal at the same time, aka former Denver Nugget Kenneth Faried
  6. “Hamburglar” – the guy who steals the hamburgers
  7. “sharknado” – a shark tornado
  8. “Labradoodle” – it’s a labrador retriever and a poodle
  9. “Jackalope” – jack rabbit and antelope
  10. “hangry” – hungry + angry
  11. “Bollywood” – this is a mix of Bombay and Hollywood
  12. “Brexit” – the British exit
  13. “rockabilly” – rock and roll plus hillbilly
  14. “breathalyzer” – breath plus analyzer
  15. “blaxploitation” – (not a commentary on race relations or film here, just ranking portmanteaus)
  16. “Belieber” – a Justin Bieber fan, a believer and a Bieber
  17. the “keytar” – one of those keyboard guitars the hair metal bands used
  18. “Televangelist” – a television evangelist, like that weird dude Kenneth Copeland
  19. “Animaniacs” – animated maniacs, from back in the 90s
  20. “staycation” – a stay at home vacation
  21. “spork” – it’s a spoon and a fork at the same time
  22. “Rice a Roni” – it’s rice but it’s also macaroni, I think there’s vermicelli and pilaf in there
  23. “Beergarita” – like the ones you drink at the Windrift
  24. “Tae Bo” – the Billy Blanks thing is a mesh of taekwondo and boxing
  25. “brunch” – breakfast and lunch

This is my list of portmanteaus. If you disagree, that’s okay.