Video of Temple Alum Brandon Matthews Celebrating PGA Tour Card Win with His Dad Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

via @kornferrytour on Twitter

What a moment! Lets go Brandon! (Matthews) –

What an all-time father/son moment. If you didn’t smile ear-to-ear watching a son live out his dream with his dad by his side, check your pulse. Hours of unseen preparation that started on a course right outside of Scranton now comes full circle. Matthews will be playing on the PGA Tour for a full season for the first time ever and his dad will get to live it with him.

I laughed out loud when Brandon called his pops a pain in his ass. Anyone that was ever coached by their dad growing up probably has said this exact thing. In the end though, once you hit that goal, it’s all worth it. This is what Brandon said about his dad after his first Korn Ferry win. It’s okay to be crying at your desk right now:

One more thing. Can we talk about this guy for a second? Talk about trying to make yourself a part of the moment:

Hey buddy read the fucking room for me one time. We’ve got a father/son moment for the history books and you waltz in trying to ruin it. Who is this kid? Ban him from all golf events for the rest of his life. I don’t want him within 500 feet of a golf course. Nobody with that lack of awareness should be swinging a golf club anyway. He probably drives on the greens and takes two mulligans per tee shot when there’s a foursome waiting behind him. I wouldn’t be surprised if after this video cut he tried to give Brandon some unsolicited golf advice. Kick him off the tour, Doug!