Washington Commanders Training Camp Fan Attendance Update

Week 1 fan attendance via Twitter (@NickiJhabvala)

Last week, pretty much nobody showed up for Washington Commanders training camp.

Now the fans have finally decided to come out and watch that pitiful excuse for a football team:

Honestly, if that’s “the best” crowd of camp, it’s still pretty sad, isn’t it? It looks like the fans do wrap around the corner and continue out of the image, but it’s still a relatively unimpressive crowd from what we can see.

For some context here, camp is being held in Ashburn, which is northwest of D.C. proper by about 45 minutes. Tickets were free, but you had to sign up via a lottery on the official team website. It’s still more accessible than Eagles camp, however, which is limited to that one public practice session (with the fee going to charity) and regular camp access for season ticket holders and other assorted VIPs.

Regardless, if the Eagles were using the RSVP/lottery system that Washington has, that system would have been overloaded in two seconds and crashed the internet. Fans would flock to Ashburn, D.C., Landover, etc. You could hold Eagles training camp in Hazleton or on the moon and still get a few thousand spectators every single day.